"Umm, I’m a military brat. My parents, my stepfather was in the coast guard and we came here from San Diego, California for my parents to actually retire here. And decided, even after going to college, to stay here to go to VCU. And umm, stayed here and danced, and had a baby here and just……

Hey, that’s Ericka. She goes to my gym

Anonymous asked:

is there anything more infuriating than white women trying to do the oppressed minority routine with black men? "Feminism helps you too!" as if they can relate.

it’s kinda scary, to be honest

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I heard a Patrice but on o and a where he talks about white girl entitlement, how the world is there to protect them. After seeing all these posts here scoffing at precautions to minimize your own risk instead of just " teaching men not to rape" I couldn't believe just how right he was

I realized that waaaay before I heard Patrice….probably because I’m a black male. Being lowest on the totem pole for awhile (before Mexicans really started pouring in, I think everyone hates them more now lol) makes it easy to see the difference in treatment. White girls are treated like queens because they’re looked at as children. It’s not really BECAUSE they’re women or because they’re white, it’s because they fucking ruin everything they touch while acting like they’re never at fault for anything they do.